Jarrett (jarrett) wrote,

Good Morning!

It's Sunday and I have no plans. Maybe I'll get a haircut today.

The Friday night Shreck plan was executed flawlessly. I met six of my dear friends at the Olive Garden for dinner beforehand. It took nearly an hour to get a table. But once we were seated we shared a lot of laughs, along with free breadsticks. The movie was excellent. I recommend you see it right away. The animation was flawless. DreamWorks SKG is really giving Pixar a run for their money.

Anyway, it was a really good time, despite Julie's conspicuous absence.

But yesterday Julie and I spent all kinds of quality time together. We got to go see the house David and Lucas are moving into downtown. It's was really nice, but as with all old downtown houses, the electrical/phone outlet setup seemed to be a real inconvenience. They're going to need to invest in a lot of extension cords.

After that we had a late lunch/early dinner at the Outback. Now that my choppers work I decided I needed a big fat steak. Mmmm... it was a good decision.

Then we did some shopping. I picked up Crazy Taxi for the Playstation2. To my knowledge, it's the first game Sega has released on the PS2 console, and it looks to be a very faithful port of the Dreamcast version. It's quite a fun game.

Tomorrow is my wistom teeth extraction. I'm a little nervous about it. I've never had surgery before.

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