Jarrett (jarrett) wrote,

Long Post...

I didn't really post all weekend because I was depressed. But today I'm back at work and feeling much better.

The highlight of the weekend was Anna's 30th birthday party Sunday night. I didn't enjoy it as much as I could have, on account of the severe pain, and the sprawling smorgasbord of party snacks that I could look at and smell but not enjoy. I chased a vicodin with a few Jello shots. That put me in a generally good mood for the festivities, which moved from my Dentist's house to the local lanes for late-nite disco glow bowling. I hung out with the gang, but I couldn't bowl because of my busted finger.

So, despite my multiple maladies I think I was able to enjoy myself. Little Brian came back from school, and it was certainly good to catch up with him at the party. He's off to Las Vegas now enjoying his 21st birthday. They announced at today's staff meeting that he'll be joining us again on the 6th, which makes me a happy camper. He's my buddy.

On Saturday we hung out with Julie's friend Laura. We did a little shopping at the mall, and went to see Pearl Harbor. What did I think of it? Meh. The bombing was cool... the rest I could have done without.

Yesterday, Memorial Day, was a difficult day. I was fighting pain and boredom all day long. I even lost my interest in video games. This whole ordeal turned into a real waste of a perfectly good holiday, but at this point I'm worried it might turn into a waste of a perfectly good summer.

Don't worry, I won't let that happen. In fact, today I can report signs of improvement. I started my morning with my follow-up visit to the oral surgeon. I took two codeine an hour before my appointment, in anticipation of the discomfort to follow. Because of that I had to get Julie up and make her drive my drugged-up ass all the way out there at eight in the morning. I was only in the chair for two minutes, but they'll certainly be the two most painful minutes of my day. They poked and snipped and rinsed. He says I'm doing fine. Everything is healing like it's supposed to be. Best of all, they took out all my stitches, which has made me much more comfortable.

Apparently the lower wisdom teeth extractions normally take longer than the top to heal. But I still have an empty socket there where my sideways tooth used to be, and he said there was some food in it (ew!). They gave me this syringe type thing to clean it out after I eat. That process sounds painful and unappealing, so I think I'm just going to not eat for another week and let the hole close up. I like soup.

I have a fresh perscription of vicodin. However, I think I'm gonig to finish off my codine before I get back on the vicodin. The vicodin does seem to last longer, but rather than make me drousy the codeine makes me somewhat euphoric. So, as long as I'm fighting the pain, I might as well be happy, right.

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