Jarrett (jarrett) wrote,

Red Faction Action

Chris (cru) came over last night to play a little Red Faction deathmatch. I think I can sum up the brilliance that is Red Faction: If you shoot something made of concrete with a fusion rocket, it should blow the hell up. And it does. And it makes me happy. After 10 minutes of deathmatch, you average arena resembles an Israeli reception hall. If you're playing in the mines, you can blast custom hiding places right out of the rock walls.

David stopped by at like 9, and we hooked up all four controllers for a Gauntlet Dark Legacy melee. My Blue Knight, JMONEY, is now a level 48 Cavalier. That game is also very satisfying. It's the only four player cooperative game we have, and Julie (qtkat) really gets a kick out of it.

Has anyone out there played Dark Cloud? Is it good? I haven't really got into an RPG since NES's The Legend of Zelda. Is this one worth checking out?
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