Jarrett (jarrett) wrote,

My Morning's Adventure

I'm tired.

I woke up and noticed the alarm clock madly blinking 12:17. We keep our alarm clock far away from the bed, otherwise Julie would snooze into oblivion. I got out of bed, checked the wall clock in the office, then reset the alarm clock to 3:45am, set my wakeup alarm to 7:00am, and Julie's to 9:00am. It was dark, and not being able to see the buttons too well I ended up setting off the alarm. I woke up poor Julie.

Sure enough, 3 hours and 15 minutes later the alarm went off, and I got up to check my email. I booted up my computer. A moment later the electricity went off again. A moment after that it was back on. I fixed the alarm clock for Julie's sake, but decided to leave the computer be. I got ready and left the house more than an hour earlier than usual.

By 7:20am I was sitting my car in the Target parking lot, wondering why I was there more than a half hour before the store opens. My view of the front door was obscured by a large truck parked on the curb. I chilled and listened to the radio. After ten minutes I noticed a lot of people were showing up. I approched the front door and found that a line was already forming. I found my place behind six other shoppers. By 7:55am there were roughly one hundred people in line behind me.

The guy behind me in line was there to buy a Gameboy Advance for his nephew's birthday. I admitted I was there to buy one for myself.

As 8:00am approached, a Target Team Member emerged from the store and asked how many of us had reserved a Gameboy. Among the people ahead of me, only one had. Behind me there were another 7 or 8. The clerk goes on to say they have ten extra that had not been reserved. With only five people in front of me, I figure I had it made.

He opens the front doors and yells "Walk!" but few heed. I kept pace to the electronics department, and found my place in the new line they had formed. But then it was total chaos. With a hundred people zigzagging through the tiny aisles, they tell people without reserve tickets to start a new line over here. Among the confusion I basically cut into the seventh position of the newly forming line, although not all of the people in front of me belonged there.

Eventually they handed me one of the precious ten... in the rarest "Glacier Blue" variety no less. I was shocked by the utter tininess of the thing I had come for. Then I stood in the checkout line with the rest of the blessed. The man behind my had bought his Gameboy Advance as a graduation present for his grandson. As I approached the counter I told him, "I slept an hour less than usual, I've stood in line, I've fought an angry mob, all for the priveledge of spending $129 on this piece of plastic." So absurd are my twisted priorities.

But what can I say? I love games.

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