Jarrett (jarrett) wrote,

The Cat Search Has Ended!

Just as we were so close to settling on the nine-month-old female, I got an email from another breeder named Pam Hill in Lafayette (about an hour from here) saying she had two ten-week-old kittens and four that were just four weeks old.

We arranged a visit to see her cattery today, and Julie and I were so impressed by everything we saw. Pat is the ideal breeder by every measure I know. I almost feel privledged to be adopting one of her kittens.

Best of all, one of the younger kittens is a male classic silver tabby exotic shorthair... the exact cat I've been searching for.

We put a deposit on him, but he won't be ready to come home for about six weeks. Pam said that if we gave him a name, she'd start calling him by it, so we better figure that out as soon as possible.

Julie thinks we should give him some kind of geeky computer name like "ASCII" or "SCSI". I still like "Tycho".
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