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The Perfect Weekend

Yes, what more could you ask for from your weekend? Not much, I say.

This weekend had the perfect mix of fun with the friends, lazy time, and productive projects.

Saturday night we had some friends over to play video games. We were joined by Chris, Anna, Josh, Little Brian and his new friend Tara. I don't know her URL yet (tee hee). We had a great time fighting and fragging, snacking and boozing. Julie even saved some pictures.

Last night Niki came over just to hang out and enjoy some chinee foo. We chilled and watched some N*Sync. I think they're gay.

As far as productive stuff goes, I undertook some major computer projects. The major one being the setup and networking of our new eMachine, which shall now be known as Patty Bouvier (maybe Selma Bouvier-Terwilliger-Hutz-McClure would have been better). I actually ran networking cable through the walls, and felt much like David Copperfield for such a magical feat. Julie can now compute and access the Internet from her office. She's a happy camper.

Last night I took apart Snake (the good ol' P3/933 I built) just to tweak some things. It was a fun project, and I feel a little bit closer to my computer now. He loves me. He's good to me.
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