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It's Monday morning... it must be time to post in my journal. The weekend recaps always end up being long posts, and I suspect nobody reads them. I have a theory that the shorter your post is, the more likely people are to pay attention to it. We of the Internet Age have short attention spans.

For this reason, I've considered creating a seperate post for each sentence. But that would be too much work. So, instead, I'm going to use sub-headings to aid skimmers and scanners.

Company Picnic
Saturday was our company picnic out at East Portal Park. A lot of people showed up and we sat around drinking, enjoying BBQ delights and playing bocci (lawn bowling). I'd never played before, and it turned out to be a lot of fun.

The spot we claimed in the park was shaded by two trees that looked nearly dead, and their sparse branches barely shaded us from the sun. I got a little red on the tops of my arms and knees.

Anna and Heidi devised bizarre contests for people to play for prizes. And although I witnessed both matches, I can barely describe what the objectives were. As best as I can remember, we had two teams of three pairs of players who were each bound at the ankle. The first pair of players had to run a relay in order to transfer water from a big bucket to smaller buckets via a plastic cup. Once the bucket filled the second pair would get the egg out of the small bucket and carry it with a spoon to the other side of the course, then use the bucket to catch waterballoons being thrown by the third pair in the team... I think. The first team to catch three balloons in the bucket wins. That's a normal company picnic type game, right? The second event was similar but involved eating half a water mellon, downing Vodka/Jello® shots, and extinguising a candle with a water pistol while blindfolded.

"Get your stinkin' paws off me you damned dirty ape!"
Saturday night, after Julie took a nap, we went over to David and Lucas' place to watch Planet of the Apes starring Charlton Heston. That movie is cool. David and Julie had never seen the movie before and knew nothing about the surprise ending, except that the DVD had the Statue of Liberty finalé scene printed right on the disc in all its "Damn you!" glory. I guess the package wasn't designed for first-time viewers. Seems dumb to me... like putting "He Doesn't Know He's Dead" on The Sixth Sense movie poster.

Network Trouble
On Saturday afternoon our network died all on its own, while we weren't even around. It took me most of the day Sunday to figure out what was going wrong. The DHCP/NAT server on Homer either died or became unreachable at some point, and the other machines on the network were rebooted and ended up on the wrong subnet. So even after I fixed Homer, it wouldn't talk to the other machines, which lead to hours of head-scratching. Eventually I gave all the workstation static IPs to prevent this from happening again.

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