Jarrett (jarrett) wrote,

It's a Beautiful Day... uh huh

It was a mostly lazy weekend. Especially if you're qtkat.

I went to Gavin's birthday party on Saturday. He lives way up in Charmichael, so LB and I carpooled out there. We hung out on the deck with Mr. Ed, Intel Josh, David, Lucas, Brice and Mitch. Oddly, there were no girls there, being that Anna was out of town and Julie didn't feel none too good on Saturday. On the way home I picked her up some flowers. And she didn't even mention it in her journal. :P Bad Julie.

After that LB hung out at the house and we played a little PS2.

On Sunday, once I got Julie out of bed (major effort) we went to the Outback for a big fat steak. Every once in awhile, you just gotta have a big fat steak, even the middle of a lazy Sunday afternoon. Then we went to the commercial complex known as Arden Fair Mall for awhile, but we didn't buy anything. I'm in the mood for some new sheets. Our sheets are coarse and uncomfortable.

After that it was back to Juliecam. I worked on the Flash intro on and off all weekend, and it's finally done. I can't wait to show it off. I really want to finish the site soon. I'll keep you posted on progress.
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