Jarrett (jarrett) wrote,

The Surfers Lead the League

Last season the Surfers ended in last place with a 0-9 record. As a result, Josh urged the commissioner to split the coed "D" league in two. So, we're now a part of the coed "D2" league, for those teams not quite good enough for "D" status.

Last night's game was very exciting! As the Surfers went to bat at the bottom of the last inning the game was tied 9-9. Josh went up to bat first, and his first pitch was belted to the fences. His in-the-park homerun won the game in a climactic finale. The crowd (me, LB, Julie, Dave and Niki) went wild.

Now the Surfers have a 3-1 record, which puts them in first place.
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