Jarrett (jarrett) wrote,

Weekend Recap

Friday Night
LB (aka Little Brian) stopped over after work for a little GT3 action while Julie took her after work nap. I've known housecats that were awake more hours of the day than she is.

I got a call from David begging us to hang out with him and Lukas. I was in the mood to go out to dinner, so David suggested we all meet at the Spaghetti Factory downtown at 8pm. He even offered to go 20 minutes early to get us a table, being that they live like 10 blocks from the restaurant. It seemed like a good plan.

So I woke up Julie and we headed over to the Spaghetti Factory. We arrived at precisely 8:00. There was no sign of David or Lukas. I call them up on the cell phone. "Oh, it's 8? We're on our way." Naturally, the place was packed by then, so we got on the waiting list.

We waited. 30 minutes later, David calls my cell phone and says that Lukas doesn't feel well and they're not coming. I yell at him, but let him off easy.

Julie and I enjoyed a meal by ourselves, then went home to relax.

LB came over again. More GT3 fun.

Brian and I decided to go see The Score, with Robert DeNiro, Ed Norton and Marlon Brando. I left the theater feeling very satisfied.

After the movie LB went home. Julie was shopping, so I worked on Juliecam some more. After Julie returned we tried to figure out what to do with our Saturday night. We decided to hit CompUSA, but then realized that it had already closed. So instead we rented a movie, picked up groceries, cooked dinner and watched Monty Python's The Life of Brian, which Julie had never seen. That movie has one of the most brilliant endings of any comedy ever made. I love it.

Sunday was all about Juliecam. I worked on it all morning and all night. In the afternoon, however, we took a trip to CompUSA and the mall. I picked up yet another 3com HomeConnect Webcam and some Gameboy Advance accessories.

Juliecam made excellent progress this weekend, with several programming milestones passed. I created an event organized, searchable database for Julie's digital camera pics, which will replace the Photoshop generated thumbnail galleries she puts up from time to time. It's looking great and is on schedule for the August 3rd launch.

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