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Juliecam Gets a Review

From Gabby Moe's Gossip Gazette Rob-Ont's Gab Rag:
    So there's a million and a half cam sites (I know I've checked them all), and for the most part it's all the same crap. (Thanx Rob - it's important to know your audience *AHEM*) So Gabby "asks" me to review QTKats new site design . I would love nothing more than to say it's a pile of smoldering camel dung but it's a sad day for me cuz I can't. So here's a big "7 Ejaculating Penises" salute to Julie and Jarrett on a truly exceptional job on the site design. (surely you can use a different measure to rate this instead of using male genitalia?) You can also see pics from their JulieCam party here.

The parts in red are interjections from Rob's editor.

It looks like we got a good review, although I'm unclear on how high the "ejaculating penis" scale goes. Seven sounds like a respectable number, in any case.
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