Jarrett (jarrett) wrote,


Yesterday's optimism is just a memory.

I think I can handle one disease at a time. Now I have layers of illnesses to cope with. Although the sore throat thing is starting to clear up (we hope), this morning I woke up with a right eye that wouldn't open. Yes, I have "pink eye", as they call it. It's pretty gross looking. I'm wearing my sunglasses at work so I don't feel like such a freak. Imagine the menacing stare of one normal eye paired with one reddish/pink half-open oozing eye.

I hope my journal doesn't being a list of medical complaints. My grandfather isn't this bad.

I'm only working until 10am, then I'm going to go pick up my eyedrop perscription and chill out at the manor with my pink, oozing eyeball.

I think qtkat gave this horrible disease to me. She said she had it a month ago. Oh well. It was all worth it :)

Oh, man, I had this crazy nightmare last night. Well, I was standing out in a field, and I had this huge satellite dish sticking out of my butt. And then there was hundreds of cows and aliens and then I went up on the ship, and Scott Baio gave me pinkeye!

- Eric Cartman
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