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Juliecam.net is the most visited site on its server (laying the smackdown on central4wd.com). Shaun had me make some minor changes to the site to minimize memory useage on the server.

I just checked our stats, and I was totally shocked that the site hit a new high on Monday. Traffic seems to be steadily increasing since the relaunch, whereas I expected it to decline after the initial event.

When I first met Julie, qtkat.com was getting about 175 - 200 sessions per day. After the qtkat redesign it shot up to 350 - 400 sessions per day.

Monday we had 9,517 sessions, 72,194 page views, 245,447 hits, and served up more than 1.4 Gb.

That was ONE DAY, people.

I know we're not that interesting. I expect traffic to dip steeply anytime now.
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