Jarrett (jarrett) wrote,

Somehow my weekend slipped away from me. I'm not sure I made the most of it. Lately the days and weeks and months all seem to melt together. July is gone. I guess I'm having too much fun. Tempis fugit.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again:

Life is good.

Now, I know life is not perfect. But I think I have just enough good things in my life to make the bad things seem much less significant, such that I hardly think about them. But I try not to take those precious good things for granted. My girl, my friends, my job. Sometimes I wonder if life will ever be better than it is right now. It's possible, but what more could I ask for? Okay, I'm not wealthy, I don't drive a fast car and I don't live in a big house. But I have more money than I need, few real responsibilities to stress about, the best and closest freinds I've ever had, and a incredibly sweet girl who would follow me to the end of the world if I asked her to.

Is it all downhill from here? We'll see. Life is full of surprises. My life has just been a series of new highs. I'm glad to be on one of them now. I'm not wasting any energy worrying about the future, and I'm not taking my happiness for granted.
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